Addiction Canada Treatment Network Reviews


Unfortunately, honest businesses sometimes find themselves in situations where they need to take legal action to clear their names and reputation. That was the case recently where one of the companies under the Addiction Canada Treatment Network umbrella, The Vita Novus Treatment Center, became the victim of a smear campaign whereby false and malicious comments were posted on the Internet that had negative consequences on the reputation of that treatment center. The owner was of course concerned about clearing the name of that particular treatment facility.

The dispute at the center of the issue started with a past service provider and resulted in a smear campaign that continued on with false comments and reviews for the better part of two years. It mattered to us you understood the true nature of those comments and that’s why we spent considerable time and money getting the party responsible to agree to stop the campaign and start removing the harmful content. We are proud and transparent about the services we provide and that’s why we invite everyone to read the following retraction statement.